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Hello, this is Michael talking to you, I come from Sydney, Australia, is a very positive progress of men more friends from graduate school because they were from many different locations throughout the world and I learned a great deal about culture, food and different points of view from them.I enjoy good conversation -- from travel to food to movies to music to sport to news. i am a about extreme environmentalists. Very interesting book with plenty of facts thrown into the story. Also, so ,do you  Interested in me 


You are a very attractive woman,  is also a positive of lady,  It's a pleasure to meet you. 

  i am a simple man, fun to be with , live life to its fullest with every opportunity i have. Love meeting people, love discovery, love looking smart, am patient and take correction when ever i go wrong. A sincere and caring lady its all i ask for, i think that maybe you are the one, do you think so?

你是一个非常有魅力的女人,也是一个积极的淑女,很荣幸认识你。我是一个简单的人,充满了乐趣 ,生命变得更加丰满在我每一个机会当中。爱与人交往,爱发现新的事物,喜欢看起来睿智和耐心,当我出错会采取纠正。一个真诚和有爱心的女士是我的所有的要求,我认为也许你就是,你这样认为吗?

在北京工作的美国人    50岁,身高187,博士后学位,职业科学技术 年薪15万美金以上

I am looking to make a fresh start in my life, to be with the woman who can open her heart and soul to me, and who I can share my whole self with, without any reservations. It is very important that she be Honest, Loving, Caring, Truthful, Trusting, God fearing, Kind, Romantic, Sweet, good Sense of Humor and very family minded....

I like many things as I am open minded and a flexible guy. Generally, I like everything providing that there is no dislikes of mine infringing on the likes. Some of my favorite food/restaurants consist of Chinese, Mexican, Italian with Jamaican sauce.


45岁,美国,身高182.学士学位,职业;美国公司驻亚太地区首席执行官,年薪15万美金                                            I like your profile and I share your goals. I am a graduate of Columbia Univ, manage investments in Asia, and based in Singapore.. Care to meet?

What is your schedule like? Are you working? Do you travel much? I just landed home in Singapore after working in Tokyo. I spend about half my time in Tokyo and Seoul alongside a little bit in HK. How is your English? Do you have much of an opportunity to practice? Are you interested on living outside of China or do you have to stay in China to remain close to your family? What was your primary course of study in University? Hope I can meet you soon.




美国华盛顿特区   36岁  律师   博士   身高178

Hi: pretty girl:

Nice to meet you here,For me: I run and play some music to spend my leisure time most days . When I'm on my own, I enjoy being somewhere exceptional with someone exceptional. i like to enjoy drama, Educational, Comedy, Music, including making music. Ideas, deep questions, intimacy  ,I'm looking for in a person with Warmth and intelligence, and attraction between us, may be the only essentials. If you are creative, steady and have some verve, so much the better. I travel odd corners of the earth and I hope you'll be excited to do so together. so would you like to talk with me in profound?…






Hello my name is Richard. I am a successful manager and owner of my own McDonalds’ store. I am welltraveled and been to many exotic places and met a lot of wonderful people. I am 35 year old and have a 13 year old son named Charlie. He is the most important person in my life and you must be willing to love and accept him as your own to be with me. I am not here for games. So please don’t waste my time or yours if that is all you are after. I am on this site looking for my very own chinese princess that I can spoil with my love and attention for the rest of my life.   are you that one ?comeing please
你好我的名字是理查德。我是一个成功的经理和老板有自己的麦当劳的店。我游历甚广,去过许多异国情调的地方,见过很多了不起的人。我35岁,有一个13岁 的儿子名叫查理。他是我一生中最重要的人,你必须愿意并接受他的爱像你自己的孩子一样。我不是在这里游戏。所以请不要浪费我的时间和你的如果你了解之后。我在这 个网站找我的中国公主,我可以享受我的余生的爱和关注。你是那一个人吗?来吧。


I strongly believe in pushing myself to be the best I can be. To me, that life is a challenge I work towards conquering everyday. On this journey I plan on not only bettering myself, but on bettering and helping those around me.

I must admit, I'm a geek. I love to read medical journals/case studies and anything else I can get my hands on. However, I also thoroughly enjoy watching TV/movies (Game of Thrones is a personal weakness of mine). I also enjoy socializing with my close friends regularly.





Hello Lovely lady :nice to meet you here.

Our life  is created  by god, but all the rich content of our life is need to create by your own, Everyone's interests and his character, determine whether his life was full of joy and fun, So, we all need to have a passion for our good life, especially the emotion.i like to enjoy surfing and all water sports- like quiet time with mother to enjoy the warmth of family,I will be your best choice?






Life is short and should be enjoyed without drama or complications.I know what I want out of life and am working to achieve those goals. I struggle sometimes but learn from my mistakes and try not to dwell on the past.

I think the only way to get to know someone is by talking to them.Only then do you learn what motivates someone and what characteristics you may find appealing. A profile only shows what that person presents to the outside world not who they really are. I have a passion for the outdoors and the environment and in resource and environmental planing.Have recently returned from Japan and would recommend it as a place to work or travel.travel is fantastic but looking to stay in NZ for the forseeable future. photo available on request.

生活是短暂的,应该在没有戏剧性或新的难题当中去享受,我知道我想要的生活和工作,为了实现这些目标。我时常奋斗,而且从我的错误中学习提高,并尽量不停留在过去。 我想了解一个人的唯一方法就是通过与他们交谈。只有这样你了解别人的动机是什么,你可能会发现什么样的特征有吸引力。一个概要文件资料只显示那个人外在的世界不是他们真正的内在是什么。我酷爱户外活动和环境资源以及环境规划,我最近从日本回来,并且建议它作为用户工作和旅游的地方,旅行是很棒的,但是希望在预知的情况下继续留在新西兰,我可以按你的要求提供照片。




Hello。My beautful lady:

Hello。My beautful lady: I like Chinese lady who are exudes a stream of natural and unique temperament, especially when they wearing the  cheongsam , very elegant and flash, it is my honor to meet you, hope to have a sincere and positive contact  with . You can browse through my profile, you will found out that I was a men who  worthy of your understanding and exchanges , because I am a caring person, is also a very naughty boy, but I already very mature, my own career also in the  good development , hope you don't mind for my humor, is also looking forward to seeing your sincere reply.






dear lady:
I have read your profile carefully, I feel you are a very good woman, including your son is also a very promising boy, I would like to know you, and exchange our ideas。
I'm a down to earth guy who enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new things.Everything from going to a new movie, a new restaurant, or just doing something different or spontaneous. I have a big heart and a kind, sincere, generous, warm and caring nature about me.I'm a die-hard romantic who finds as much gratification in giving love and affection as I do in receiving it.I find pleasure and contentment in the simple things of life.So, you should have a good contact with me, give it a try?




Your profile is very attractively, especially your photos, it is so beautful, I have seen it for several times, I think that  you will give me a reply when you read my file, because we are very similar to the character,
i am a happy and positive thinking person, laughing and smiling rules my life!! I am active and like to travel around the globe a lot, private as well as business- wise. I like to share my energy and my life with someone that is natural and values the beauties of life.

你的资料是非常具有吸引力,尤其是你的照片,它是如此漂亮,我看了好几次,我认为当你阅读了我的文件,你会给我一个回复,因为我们性格很相似。我是一个快乐和积极思考的人,大笑和微笑来统治我的生活! !我积极,喜欢旅游世界各地很多对方,私人以及商业业务。我喜欢和别人分享我的能量和我的生命,这是一个生命之美的自然价值观。


ome first and I hope to meet someone who feels the same way too.After years of working in tropical and remote locations, Melbourne's weather is one of the perks (yes really!) of living in such a beautiful city. As an Army Medic for over 15 years, it's been a rewarding job, but since a career and hometown change I'm enjoying a better work life balance.I also like things that are more unusual, encourage thought and artistic abilities. I'm in the midst of pursuing my passion in music by undertaking studies in Audio Engineering and Sound Production.Holidays usually involve snow, mountains and adventure - where you can go climbing or caving. Canada is a favourite destination, as is getting soaked in Niagara falls and it would be great to experience I'm also happy sitting around a campfire with friends and cooking over the open flames。Of course career and having nice 'things' in life are important, but for me, family and loved ones



hello.Nice  to meet you here. about me:

Passionate about My passions include the fine arts (all media), a good debate, trying to figure out some of life's questions, writing, movies, music, ethnic cuisine, intimacy... and selflessly understanding and helping those with difficulties no matter how great or small.One of my loves is the city (NYC). It doesn't have to be high maintenance. It can be just for a visit to get a cup of Starbucks and read in Bryant Park, people watching at Union Square, or buying (what I think to be) the best coffee in the world! Would you like to share with me all the things?

你好:认识你很高兴,关于我,我的爱好包括美术(所有媒体),一个很好的辩论,试图找出一些生活的问题,写作,电影,音乐,民族烹饪,亲密…无私的理解和帮助有困难的人不管是大还是小。 纽约是我爱的城市之一,。它没有很高的消费。它可以只是去喝杯星巴克和在布莱恩特公园看书,在联合广场驻足观看的人们,或购买(我认为是)世界上最好的咖啡!你愿意与我分享所有的东西吗?


I am a simple Man. i enjoy the simple things in life. I am looking for someone who is open and honest .I am not real Good at talking about Myself .It's hard to put into words, I am a more look into your eyes kind of man. I am just looking for someone to share life with. to walk with to talk with and share the joys and laughter of everyday living with. I am what i am, being open, honest and polite is how i was raise. No head games here just simplicity and the ability to get to know someone is my main focus. Thought i would give this a try. I find it difficult to find and meet quality women. ..lol. I am here hoping to connect with a special one and see what result and i will reply back to you. Thanks

 我是一个简单的人。我喜欢生活中简单的事情。我在寻找一个开放和诚实的人。我不是真正的擅长谈论自己。很难用语言表达,我是那种看上去很善良的人,我只是想找个人 来分享生活,包括走路与说话,分享日常生活的欢乐和笑声。我就是我、开放、诚实和礼貌的我是不断的提高自己。这里没有脑筋急转弯,只是简单和了解一个人的能力是我的主要焦点。 想我应该试试这个办法。我发现很难找到并遇到一个高素质的女人…哈哈哈,我希望能与一个特殊女士接触并且看看结果,我会回复你,谢谢


I'm a tall guy with a young heart looking to meet a new attractive friend and future wife,.
Will you keep reading the rest of my profile? I'll know by what you write to me mentions things I say below!
Things I love:
Someone who is healthy in their body and mind!
Intelligent  conversation on many different topics.
A sense of humor is an essential survival skill!
People   who always try to learn new things.
Beautiful smile :)
Nice body shape ;)
I don't like smoke. I want to be healthy.
People  who are pushy or want to rush a relationship.
More about me:
I love photography. I like to take photos of people and landscapes wherever I go.
Acting is another hobby of mine.
Have a great day!



I'm a very intelligent, adventurous, career-minded but also easy-going, down to earth kind of guy. I love to experience new things, whether it be new foods, places, or people. I am very kind-hearted and see the good in everyone, which makes making friends very easy for me. I love animals and they all seem to love me too! I am an independent thinker, coming to my own conclusions on things rather than being led to believe something. I love to research new and interesting topics and will often be at the computer "gathering information". I am a humble person, so I find it hard to express my good qualities here, but if you were to meet me or talk to me, you would see them quickly. I'm looking for someone who I can call my best friend, someone who I can share everything with. Someone who is like-minded and has a great sense of humor, because I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh. I'm also looking for someone who is serious about testing the waters.



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